Cloud computing course in Chennai | Popular uses of cloud computing

cloud computing course in ChennaiPopular uses of cloud computing.

According to cloud computing course in Chennai  the usage of cloud computing has been increasing rapidly, the usage of cloud computing is spread across various fields. The cost effectiveness of the cloud and flexibility of the usage of cloud makes cloud more demanding. Though cloud computing is spread across many fields we are going to discuss a few of them.

  • Development and testing- Experts in the industry prefer the cloud as the best for the development and testing. Cloud computing training in Chennai says that various testing is done as to how to cut the man power costs and time. After this part of testing, comes the configuration of the platform.

With the introduction of cloud these tasks are readily available as per the need of the user.

  • Analyzing Big Data- In modern day the use of biog data analysis has been on a rise, with the help of these data better decisions can be taken in order to prevent small or big losses to the company. With the introduction of cloud computing, analyzing big data has become very easy. All sorts of data be it structured or unstructured can all be analyzed through cloud computing. One of the major reason why cloud computing has gained this much popularity is because of the big data analysis which is done through cloud which is basically done with the help of hadoop.
  • Storage of files- this feature helps the users to fall in love with cloud. Today in some of the mobile phones there is a facility of cloud storage which is given by the OS provider. Cloud computing training informs that Google drive for android and iCloud for iOS. Here the user can upload his data on the cloud and can access anywhere and anytime through any device. Extra storage space is also provided so that the memory of the computer or mobile phone is not disturbed.
  • Backing up the data- Earlier backing up the important data used to be a very tedious and time consuming task. The files which are ti be back up would be in the physical form like in the CD or any other similar storage device. The drives would then be preserved carefully. If the drives were misplaced then the whole effort would be wasted and above all the important data would be lost which would possibility halt the operations.

Cloud computing training Chennai says that with the introduction of cloud all the important data is uploaded on the cloud and these important data can be accessed anywhere and can be referred or modified. The capacity of the cloud is also not an issue as the cloud storage can be expanded as per the requirement of the user.

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