Career opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing strategy is becoming more popular in India. Most of the organizations don’t take this technology seriously till 2010. They were confused with traditional marketing. In this digital world, if you don’t have a proper online presence, clients will reach your competitor for the product/brand/service. Before this technology became popular, people who are good in content and SEO techniques were able to get the results quickly. At that time most of the traditional companies don't know what digital marketing is and Career opportunities in Digital Marketing are increasing tremendously...

Google Webmaster Role in SEO

Over the crowd of SEO tools, Google Webmaster is one of the leading and most helpful tools to maintain the site quality. It is the one specially offered from the Google and this tool provides huge important SEO insights. These are the main reasons to begin using GM (Google Webmaster Tools) in SEO world. This tool can be recommended for SEO Training in Chennai experienced tutors. How to start working with Google Webmaster: Initially, you must join it, once you go to join via the process of verification, So that Google can identify you are the owner of the website and you wants to use GM tools ...