Cloud computing common mistakes and benefits

Cloud computing common mistakes and benefits

Web hosting, development and testing in cloud computing

The difference between cloud computing and web hosting is the single and multiple access. Cloud is the great solution for the development and testing solutions. If you ask a tester or developer regarding the challenges faced when taking up a project for testing and development. Thus cloud computing saves the time, cost and gives better solutions. Cloud computing evolution and the change in the work culture is demanding for the Cloud Computing Training in Chennai.


The EU’s law for data protection to safeguard the Facebook users is very much important to save the users. In countries like China and Russia, the personal data can be seen only in the territory of China and Russia. Internet and cloud technology allowed the users to view the personal data which is risky. Criminals and anti-socialists are watching the personal data to plan their activities. So, data protection is important. Economic, cultural, mental health information and IP address are all considered as the personal data as per the EU law. So, the latest news and the advancement in the technology demand for the Cloud Computing Courses in Bangalore as it is the top technology used everywhere. One of the best examples of this is Facebook.

Common mistakes when using cloud technology

Who is responsible for the security, data backup and business continuity in cloud technology have to be decided by the top management before planning for the cloud. The planning helps the management to find the root cause of a problem and finds the remedy. Don’t try to use the cloud for everything because the cloud is suitable only for certain types of business. Cloud service providers {CSP} are responsible only for what they control and it is shared responsibility. Assuming that Cloud is responsible for everything takes the business to the risky situations. Blindly trusting the automation process of the cloud is not a good practice because the automated script can lower the downtime. Rechecking the downtime is one of the important aspects to done from the company. Understanding the plus and minus of using the technology initiates the awareness of the business. The business models of recent companies demand the Cloud Computing Course in Coimbatore.

Benefits of Cloud computing

The Cloud is very helpful for the ERP software as it gives faster results. There are chances to lose the end customer if the product price is high. So through ERP software, it is possible to reduce the price and close the sales. This is definitely helpful to increase the sales. ERP is specially designed for the manufacturing sector. Cloud is not technology oriented it is business oriented. Salesforce improves the communication and operation of the sales. CRM automate your everyday task and gives a reward to the high performer which motivational to the employees. Salesforce improves the analysis and reporting of the sales department. Salesforce is the best product from the cloud which is specially designed for sales. Returning customers is the positive factor for a business to improve the sales. Expertise trainers with the real-time project are the ultimate points to be noted before joining the Cloud Training in Chennai.

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