Cloud Computing – Upcoming Trends to Watch out

Over past few years, Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT industry. It allows the business to enable virtual access – giving the flexibility of work timings and allows them to access their data from anywhere.

What is Cloud computing?

In simple words, cloud computing is a network of the computer where information stored on a server can be accessed from client machines from anywhere. Here, the end user needs to have a computer with high-speed internet access to get connected with cloud server where the resource is shared. Now, cloud computing technology has been integrated with various industries like web-based software services, gaming platform, and software as services, etc.

Given the key role in IT sector in the current business environment, cloud computing technology has changed the way that business operates.  The business of all sizes started utilizing cloud-based technology and infrastructure to streamline their business process, gain better visibility, lower IT complexity and reduced expenses. In this article, we are going to explore upcoming computing trends to watch out.

Integration of Cloud Computing will increase:

Based on a survey, almost 25% of companies have started using cloud-based applications and more than 10% of companies have invested in cloud computing infrastructure. When calculated in revenue, the growth is massive. In 2008, revenue from cloud service was $46.4 Billion. In 2017, it expected to reach $250 billion, a leap of 250 percent. It shows that cloud computing is most preferred technology for business around the globe.

Future of Cloud computing is Mobile:

The popularity of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) has a massive impact on the business now. Instead of being caged in an office desk, now employee uses mobile devices to carry out their job from anytime, without any location constraints. Now, more and more business are realizing the convenience and benefits of using mobile friendly cloud-based applications to manage their business process.

Cloud is going to be more Global:

As mentioned above, business across the world has started using the cloud-based application to streamline their business process. As the world is moving towards digitalization, cloud technology continues to evolve at the great degree.

More Frictionless:

By offering accurate information and better communication, cloud computing is ideal to break down several barriers – communication between departments – between clients and customer service executives, etc. When these barriers are removed, companies now loose various frictions that slow down the business process.

Be More Social:

Cloud-based application is not just flexible than the traditional on-site software, they can be more social too. Now, consumers prefer to have more social tools like instant chat, social media, and micro-blogging for faster communication. Unlike traditional tools like email or telephones, social tools offer improved communication with customers.

More Job Opportunity:

Cloud computing is one of the most IT trends these days. This is because of the fact that cloud computing is helping enterprises to save money while adding to the convenience of the users.

Considering the current job market scenario, cloud computing, and big data is the hottest trend in the global job industry. According to research, job opportunities are available across functional areas as marketing, finance, small business, communication, media, sales, banking, admiration, etc.  Companies are looking for trained and skilled professionals who can have strong expertise in cloud technology.

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Predicting the future can be a hard thing, but cloud computing technology continues to have a significant effect on how business operate.

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