Google Webmaster Role in SEO

Google Webmaster Role in SEO

Over the crowd of SEO tools, Google Webmaster is one of the leading and most helpful tools to maintain the site quality. It is the one specially offered from the Google and this tool provides huge important SEO insights. These are the main reasons to begin using GM (Google Webmaster Tools) in SEO world. This tool can be recommended for SEO Training in Chennai experienced tutors.

How to start working with Google Webmaster

Initially, you must join it, once you go to join via the process of verification, So that Google can identify you are the owner of the website and you wants to use GM tools on. There are multiple ways; you can verify your ownership in Google Webmaster. Most easy way is the first one, just download the HTML file from the Google Webmaster and paste the coding within your header tag in your site. Once you update that HTML verification coding on your site, just click verify in Google Webmaster. Your account has now been verified in GM tool.

Important sections in Google Webmasters

 Once your ownership verified in Google Webmaster, you can get started working with your site in GM Tool. Whenever login into GM, it asks you to login via Gmail account after you can see in a Google Webmaster Dashboard. The procedure can be learned in a very detailed manner, when you joined SEO Online Course.

Search Queries

The most important thing in Google Webmaster you must monitor is search Queries. It can tell how the users search and reach your site. It’s the best practice when you start searching keywords for your business. You can get a direct suggestion from the Google, if you see any click for the particular keywords in the Search quires list, best you choose the keywords and analyzed the search volume in Google Adwords.

Reflected Links

You can find your reflected links using Google Webmaster options of link to your site.  In that section you can see all the incoming links as well as what pages they are connected to. Here you can download your latest reflected links on your site to know about your off-site work benefits. When I learned SEO Training Institute in Bangalore, I have learned this tool very clearly with the help of my tutors.

Crawl Error

In this portion, you can know about your Google Bot encountered issues on your site. In this section there are 3 errors you can predict. Server error, Page not found and crawl stats. It helps you to maintain your site accessing problem easily.


It is the most important option in Google Webmaster. Here you can watch your website sitemaps, Google has found and the count of URL on them. If you have done any updates on your site. Our professional, who offering SEO Course in Chennai kindly recommended you to update fresh sitemap of your site,.


This only can decide which URL Google to crawl and which can’t. It’s very sensitive, so when you provide a robots.txt in Google Webmaster you must aware what you are doing in that. If you want to learn more about Google Webmaster and important tools in SEO just learn from our SEO Course in Coimbatore.

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