Hadoop Training in Chennai: Introduction to Big Data Processing

Hadoop is an open source and java based programming framework for processing huge amount of data clusters in a distributed environment.  It is the part of Apache project powered by the mighty Apache Software Foundation.  Hadoop is mainly used for storing data and running application on a clustered environment. This tool offer massive data processing capability for storing any kind of data, storage space and the power to handle virtually boundless simultaneous tasks.

In recent times, the increased of usage of data and cloud computing has increased the demand of hadoop. In this article, we are going to discuss about the future of hadoop technology and advantage of taking Hadoop training in Chennai. Here are some important terms used in bid data handling.

  • Open – Source Framework: Open source framework is developed and maintained by group or network of developers from around the world. This software is free to download, use and contribute your innovation. Similarly, Hadoop is an open-source platform available for developer at free of cost. You can download this application and integrate with your data handling project without any licensing issues.
  • Framework: In this case, framework mean that everything (resources) is available for developers to develop and run software application is offered.
  • Massive Storage: Hadoop framework is capable of breaking big data into smaller blocks, which can be stored on clusters of the commodity hardware.
  • Processing Power: Hadoop framework simultaneously process large amount of data using several basic computer for reliable results.

 Advantages of Hadoop Framework:

One of the chief reasons that most of the organization turn to hadoop technology is the capability to store and process large amount of data and any kind of data very quickly. The expansion of internet and cloud storage leads to huge data processing. Organizations are looking for effective solutions like Hadoop to store and process huge data effectively. Thus, taking hadoop training Chennai offers huge career prospects for the talented professionals in leading MNCs with good salary package. Some of the other advantages include

Computing Power:

Hadoop is a distributed computing model that can process big data quickly. The more computing nodes you utilize, you can retrieve more processing power.


Unlike generic relational database management system data, you no need to pre-process data before storing it. In hadoop framework, you can able to store as much data you want and decide how to handle it later. It includes data like text, images and videos.

Fault Tolerance:

In Hadoop, data and application processing are guarded against unexpected hardware failure. If a node fails, tasks are automatically redirected to other nodes to make sure that the distributed computing does not fail. It can automatically store multiple copies of data for security reason.

Low Cost: Being an open source platform, you can use this framework for free. The commodity hardware is capable of storing huge volume of data.

Final Verdict:

With the extensive usage of internet and social networking sites, there is massive demand for huge data processing using hadoop. It increases the career prospects for hadoop professionals. Thus, taking big data training in Chennai from FITA Academy will ensure better career prospects for talented professionals.

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