HTML5 Training in Chennai

 html5 (1)HTML5 is the new version of HTML which has many new features when compared with HTML. These new features added advantage to the HTML5 and it is one of the most trending technology which is being studied many people. The HTML5 training in Chennai is functioning effectively to train the students about the HTML5 course. The HTML5 has number of new elements and attributes that helps in designing a modern website.

New Semantic Elements:

The HTML5 has number of semantic elements like header, footer and section which added the advantage of using HTML5 code.


There were many improvements in the web forms such as many new elements have been introduced in the input tag.

Persistent Local Storage:

It can be achieved without resorting to the other third party plugins.

Web sockets:

HTML5 is next bidirectional communication technology that can be used for the web applications. The HTML5 provides a full duplex communication between the client and the server.

Audio & Video

In HTML5 it is very easy to embed audio and video on the webpage without using the third party plugins. It is able to support the multimedia elements whereas in the html4 it is supported via the third party plugins.

Geo location:

The visitors can add the physical location on the webpage without using the third party plugins. This feature adds a great advantage to the HTML5.

Drag and drop:

It enables us to drag and drop the item from one location to the other on the same webpage.

Organisation of content:

It helps to resize the content width making it wider and narrower depending on the size of the browser window. The content is organised in such a way that is understood by the search engine.

Supports rich media elements:

It can support rich media elements that can support audio and video without using the plugin tags. These features enable us to use the HTML5 which added advantage to it.

All these features about the HTML5 will be taught effectively in the HTML5 training Chennai. The institute provides best coaching about the course to the students and provide them the placement opportunity.

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