Introduction to Big data for beginners.

Big data training in ChennaiWhat is Big data?

Now-a-days all the major companies are making a data driven decision. It is considered to be an age of big data. Big data is nothing but collecting large amount of data, organizing the data according to need and finally analysing these collected and organized data, these set of data collected is often referred to as Big Data.

These are called as big data because the data collected is huge in volume and the minutest details are also needed to be studied while making a decision.  Big data analytic is nothing but studying this data very closely and coming to a decision which is very accurate and important for the business and future of the business.

Big data training in Chennai explains that the main purpose of these analysts is to gain as much knowledge as possible by studying and analysing this data.

What are the challenges faced by Big Data Analytic?

Big data training says that most of the companies face a problem in collecting the data, this is a very huge problem as the resources and the money needed to gather data is huge.

 Apart from  this there is another major problem which is the organization of these data, the data collected would be of all forms structured and unstructured data, raw data, these data would have been collected from many ways and means within the organization or from the external sources.

The third problem is that the data collected and organized should be analysed by the professional big data analysts so that the data is useful for the business and making accurate business decisions.  Big data course in Chennai will bring to your knowledge that if the data is not analysed by the professionals then the cost and effort which is incurred to collect and organize data would be wasted and the losses would be huge because of the inaccurate data.

Big Data Analytic should be of high accuracy and performance.

Big data training in Chennai says that to analyse these type of huge and big data the analysts use application which are built for data mining, predictive analytic, text mining, data optimization and forecasting along with the specialized software tools which are exclusively developed for big data analytic. Hadoop can be a good example of this.  By looking at these processes they might seem to be different but the fact is that they are highly interrelated and all these functions are of high accuracy and high performance.

Big data hadoop training in Chennai will teach you how to use the software and tools which are developed for  big data analytic these software helps the analysts to process a large amount of data with ease, these data is the collected and organized data which was an effort by the company.  These data should be professionally analysed so that accurate and data driven decisions can be made in the future.

What are the benefits of Big Data Analytic.

When an enterprise uses bid data analytic then it has many benefits and all these benefits would be stated by the best hadoop training institute in Chennai. Like I said before companies are keen to make data driven decisions for better accuracy and boost their sales and eventually profits. These multinational corporations invest a huge sum of money and manpower to gather the data and they try to get maximum information from that data.

They hire professionals who have completed big data training Chennai to get an appropriate answer for the specific business question, looking in the history many big data projects have started or originated to answer that business question, According to a research conducted recently the companies were asked whether they use big data analytic to make a decision, and whether predictions of the analytic were correct or not. Around 63% of the companies responded positively. And also said that not only it helps in boosting sales but it also helps in serving their clients better and also to manage their risks efficiently.

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