Why is Informatica ETL used over Teradata?

Informatica course in Chennai

Informatica is a market leader in ETL segment and it can work with wide variety of data sets, multiple systems and applications. The most advanced and data integration tool is Informatica, aspirants who need to learn Informatica course can prefer Informatica Training in Chennai. A specialist approach is helpful to learn the new concepts of ETL. Informatica helps to connect to different technologies such as CRM to Big Data.

Pros of Informatica

  1. Simple and easy to learn, no programming knowledge is required to work in this field.
  2. Informatica provides extensive support for database and it includes tPump, Parallel Transporter, Object Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers and much more.
  3. Database Information easily proceeds the push-down information.
  4. Informatica has the capability to publish database. It helps to transform the data from one database to another, by changing this an individual can get the accurate result.
  5. Informatica helps to balance the load between database box and ETL Server.

Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM is a technique which helps to generate a singular file, it also includes Business Process Management (BPM), data integration and data quality. Informatica MDM is extremely a versatile tool, it is free from hassles and coding. It fits your unique requirements and it is perfectly designed for the hybrid world. MDM delivers

  1. Single view of data – Create a single and authoritative view of business data.
  2. A complete view of interactions – Integrate the transactions in the short span of time.
  3. A 360-degree view – Helps to identify the data in all views.

Jobs in Informatica MDM

  1. SQL and ETL Developers
  2. Project Managers
  3. Business Intelligence Professionals

Informatica is a highly favored tool in database management industry. Lucrative career opportunities are available in Informatica field, Informatica Course in Bangalore is the right choice to learn Informatica ETL.

Informatica PowerCenter communicates with all data sources (Big Data, mainframe, Salesforce, Flat files, SAP, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), etc. It helps to move a large volume of data in an effective way.  Informatica helps to integrate heterogeneous data sources. Learn and update yourself on current innovations, everyday IT market has been launching new applications with additional features.

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