Benefits of Using Appium for Mobile Automation

What is Appium?

Appium is a cross-platform and open-source mobile test automation tool for native, mobile, and hybrid web applications. Appium works with native Android, iOS devices, as well as simulation software and virtual machines. It also works with Selenium WebDriver. Appium functions as a wrapper, converting Selenium instructions to Android and iOS devices. Join FITA Academy for the best Appium Training in Chennai offers certification with 100% placement assistance.

Appium Server:

The Appium server is a component of the Appium technology. It is published in Node.js and hosted in the cloud. 

The Appium server acquires JSON Wire Security policy propositions from client library services and contacts the mobile driver to connect with the appropriate mobile app testing frameworks on various platforms. Here in this blog, we describe the benefits of using Appium for Mobile Automation.

Benefits of Using Appium for Mobile Automation:

Why Appium for Mobile Automation:

Free Cost:

It is free and open-source, and easy to install. Appium does not require any additional installation on a device. Sauce Labs created and supports Appium, and the community highly prefers it.


Appium supports many programming languages, including Java, PHP, Python, C#, and others. It helps the users to select the programming languages. To support Appium, and no need to change or reinstall the app under test. FITA Academy’s Appium Training Online will be your career establishing course.

Easy to Understand:

Appium supports all Selenium WebDriver features because it is compatible with them. Appium is simple to use and understand if you are familiar with selenium concepts.

Cross-Platform Support:

A written Appium test can run in both Android and iOS without any code changes. We can perform multiple tests on different platforms at the same time, which can be run through any device and operating system version.

Record and Playback:

Appium includes other automation tools like record and replay tools. The investigators can be used advanced test automation by using Appium record and playback functionality. It observes the native app’s behaviour by examining the Document Object Model (DOM).

Integration with CI Tools:

Appium can be interconnected with CI tools, such as Jenkins and Bamboo to facilitate automated test triggering during release cycles.


The Appium tests can be run on multiple devices and functioning systems. It is also simple to create Appium tests. Appium Training in Coimbatore provides real-time projects at an affordable price.